Young Fionn, Small kid, big legend

Young Fionn, Small kid, big legend

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He is Ireland’s most famous warrior, a legendary figure who has enchanted children for millennia. But who really was Fionn Mac Cumhaill? And what was he like when he was a child?

In this wonderful, modern retelling of an ancient tale, based on a 12th-century manuscript, Ronan Moore brings young Fionn to life in a series of wild adventures.

A cheeky kid, constantly trying to outsmart the adults around him, Fionn is on the run from his father’s enemies who want him dead. Travel with him as he journeys throughout Ireland, evading capture, outwitting enemies, and training to become the greatest leader Ireland has ever known.

Including the well-known myths of the Salmon of Knowledge and the Dragon of Tara, this book will appeal to all children as they follow Fionn’s life up to the point of his becoming leader of the Fianna.

Download the Young Fionn Activity sheet here.

Ronan Moore is a secondary school English teacher. When not trying to get students to stand on their desks to look at the world in a different light, he is trying to get them off their desks to take down their homework. He lives in County Meath with his wife and three children.

Alexandra Colombo is an illustrator from Bulgaria. She attended the Milan European Institute of Design, getting a first-class degree in illustration. Her great passion is writing and illustrating poems, books and fairy tales.

Publication Date

February 2020




Paperback, 224 pages

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Gill Books


By Ronan Moore Illustrated by Alexandra Colombo

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