Insect Hotel - Green

Insect Hotel - Green

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This insect hotel is really something! Equipped with pine cones, small bamboo canes, small holes and moss, it offers everything that insects need for an all-inclusive holiday. Lacquered with a light green colour and decorated with convenient hanging possibilities, it's also a great decor object for the garden. As a nesting and hibernation aid, it's also helpful for the environment. This slick hotel offers living space for useful small critters which can "hire" a room the whole year round.

Dimensions Approx. 12 x 10 x 31 cm
Brand small foot
Material metal, wood
Packaging box
Weight incl. Packaging 0,81 kg

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Product Values

  • Eco friendly
  • Non toxic
  • Plastic free
  • Natural materials
  • Recyclable materials
  • Chemical free