This is me. The face behind Pikodo!

And this is how it all happened…

I have always been passionate our natural world. I love the outdoors, hill walking, forest trails and strolling along our local beach. Getting out into the fresh air does amazing things for your soul.


Pikodo values are about our customer making better choices in the products they choose for the environment, for themselves and more importantly for their children. We want to offer products that make less of a negative impact on the environment and Pikodo will be promoting this powerful message. Each and every product we offer has this effect.

We only carry brands that we trust and respect and who hold the same values as Pikodo.
I try to choose sustainable products whenever I shop but to be honest it’s difficult sometimes, going from here to there trying to buy ethically and sustainably! I grew tired of this so, with my experience in Design I decide to do something about it and launch a shop for the products we and our children use on a daily basis.
Simply put… I adapted these values into a business, offering children’s products which are useful, re-usable and safe whilst never compromising on quality and style.

That’s the other half Rob, who has been my support for the last few months when I needed some kind words and reassurance.

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